Waste Categories & Permits

Urban Bins Waste Categories


Light “L” Category

Refers to light waste materials, e.g. green-waste, wood, plastic, metals, broken furniture, etc, and excludes all Concrete (C), Clean Fill (F) and Concrete/Brick (FCB) category materials. Mattresses are permitted but are subject to additional charges.  Also refer to Notes 1 & 2 below.

Concrete “C” Category

Concrete items only. Includes concrete (reo is permitted), concrete bricks, cement tiles, cement roof tiles, cinder blocks, Besser blocks and excludes all other material types.  No cement sheet is permitted

Clean Fill “F” Category

Covers single material bin containing soil, sand and/or crushed rock only. Rocks to basketball size may be included. No other waste type is permitted.

Concrete / Brick “FCB” Category

Allowable contents are clay brick, clay roof tiles, all Concrete (C) category items, ceramic tiles or paving stones, and may be mixed together in any quantity when loading the bin. No cement sheet is permitted

Heavy “H” Category

We are currently unable to provide service for the mixed heavy (H) category of waste and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Note 1

Mandatory exclusions are asbestos, gas cylinders, tyres, liquids (paint or oil), batteries, domestic refuse, toxic waste or any other waste listed by the EPA and Workcover as a Prescribed Waste.

Note 2
Due to a change in the EPA Hazardous Man Made Fibre category, insulation and fibreglass sheet must now be declared as contents within the bin.


Permit Information

 Municipality Duration (Days on site) Cost Requirements
Banyule 4 $135.00 Required for all bins placed outside the property line.  Bins must be placed outside the property hiring or neighbour permission must be obtained.
Booroondara 1-3 $54.00 Not to be put on nature strips. Require reflective tape and flashing light. Not permitted in laneways.
4-7 $78.00 Not to be put on nature strips. Require reflective tape and flashing light. Not permitted in laneways.
Darebin $45.00 Not to be placed on nature strips. Must have flashing lights on road.
Manningham $45.00 Must have flashing lights on road.
Nillumbik 4 $44.00 Applies to bin sizes over 2.5 cu/m placed outside the property line on council controlled land.
Whittlesea 4 $130.00 Required if placed outside property line. Must have flashing lights if on council controlled land.

Council pricing is subject to change, if a permit is required please check current pricing prior to ordering.